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How To use “StillNeedHelp”

This article Is a Guide for using this site, and explains the structure for StillNeedHelp.

StillNeedHelp was developed to provide step by step instructions in the most simplest form possible. Screenshots, videos, and ad free. Many of the tutorials and guides found here are not for the technically inclined, but rather the general population needing to complete everyday tasks. The structure of the articles are built for the best possible way to allow the reader with the best chance of completing the task by themselves. because of this, the articles may not provide the best, quickest, or preferred way of doing things, but the simplest with the highest chance of success.

All articles are believedĀ to be both legal and safe when followed correctly, however neither this site nor the writers or administrators accept any liability or offer any warranties for events or actions that take place related to the articles published here.

Every article is written by a trained and certified Alotech Support agent. because if this, if you have trouble completing any step or task, a helpful agent is only a phone call away. at the end of every article you will see the following.

Still Need Help?

Give us a call 844-ALOTECH (844-256-8324)

or find remote helpĀ online at




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